How to earn money with make money app: Hello friends, today I have brought you a very simple and easy to use the app so that you can easily earn money sitting at home. The name of this app is Make Money and you can earn money by doing a simple task in it.


How to earn money with make money app

What is the make money app?

Earn real money by completing simple tasks inside the app. Easily make free money by watching videos, trying free apps, completing surveys, giving opinions, testing services, endorsements and free trails.

How to earn money with make money app?

  • This particular app provides too many tasks for you to earn money. 
  •  Make money by watching videos.
  •  Earn free cash when testing fun new apps.
  •  Gain money completing surveys.
  •  Test services and get paid.

Qualification required for this app? 

The answer is NO. There is no need for any type of qualification. Anyone can use this app just as if you are student, older citizen, uneducated or housewives.

How much cost need to use this app?

Well, there is no need for any cost. You can sign up with zero investment. This is free to use the app.

How to use this app?

Now follow my below procedure step by step if you want to use this app as a money-making platform. 

Step 1.

  • First, unlock your smartphone and go to play-store app.
  • Search make money and you can see this type of app, which shown in this photo. 
  • Click on installation option.

How to earn money with make money app

  • Now open this app and you can a new interface where this app asks to enter a Promo code to get 20 credit in your account.
  • You can use this code 7EXDFM to get 20 rupees credit.
  • Then click on the start button.

How to earn money with make money app
  • After using this code you can get credits in your account which you can convert into USD dollars.
  • Now to get more 50 credits then go to more tasks option in the bottom bar.
  • Click on Complete profile task option and enter your own real name and email.
  • After completing this task you can get credit.


  • Now you can see an option like watch videos. Click on that option and you can see small videos clips. This small clip gives you more credits which you can change into dollars.

How to earn money with make money app

  • Open Fantastic offer wall and here you can see too many options with high rate credits. Click on any option which you want to open and complete that task which said in those tasks.
  • Open all tasks, use all apps for a few seconds and then delete it.

How to earn money with make money app

 Step 2.

  • This is the best method to earn money through this app. You just do below simple steps to earn money.
  • Another way to earn money with a simple way is to go to more tasks option and complete Facebook tasks to get 100 credits for share this app on your Facebook account.
  • You can see another option like invite your friends with referral code. You can send this referral code into WhatsApp groups were too many people download this app and you got more money in less time.

How to redeem money from this app?

  • You can easily get money from this app. You just need a PayPal account to get money. PayPal is a free app to get money from any online freelance sites.
  • You just go to payout option in the bottom bar.
  • Here you can get knowledge about your credits and options how much money you can redeem from this app.

How to earn money with make money app

My opinion.

This is the best part-time job for everyone who wants to earn money from homes. This is a genuine app and downloaded by millions of people. You can easily to use this app and earn money by sitting at home.



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